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入道雲 - Thunder head

· Creative Notes

Camp on a small meadow in the woods of the plateau. In the blue sky right after the rainy season, a gigantic cumulonimbus sits, and when the sun goes down, a marvelous star night will welcome you.

Hello, Thank you for watching! This is mivjm :) I’m gonna talk about this improvised world. If you want to concentrate only on music or video, please turn off subtitles. So let's start with the title and theme. “愛逢月 (Original title)” refers to July and is read as “Medeaizuki”. And the main theme of the 4th song is “Cumulonimbus”. The strange enormousness of a cumulonimbus that swells in the blue sky of early summer is trying to conceal this small grassland in the middle of the forest. High mountains that surround forest bite back teeth and try to lift the white giant and throw it away to the sky, but a cumulonimbus is shaking only and will be not moving at all. Long rainy season finally dawns and hot summer begins again this year. However, this grassland is surrounded forest of the plateau, so I will want to camp for more days even in the cool and magnificent scenery. When the sun goes down, instead of a cumulonimbus that melts and disappeared, stars draw constellations by shining tails. When I lie down and stare at constellations that have begun to shine, my body float and float little by little ... flight and flight like a wild bird ... But that's ... I feel gratefulness that it is the hospitality of the new moon. The sweet scent of the grass that tickles the nose gently wakes up me from the consciousness of falling asleep, so calling out to sleep in my tent. I agreed that “ah, got it” and wrap my body with a sleeping bag in my tent slowly while feeling light rain on my cool skin. Then I fell asleep deep and quiet.

Recorded at Kimitsu Shimin Bunka Hall on 12.July.'19

(C) (P) 2019 Masashi Motokado, CC0



'19/7/12 君津市民文化ホールにて収録

(C) (P) 2019 Masashi Motokado, CC0

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