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Group of rice ears living near a landfill pond,

along with water striders and tadpoles, is aiming for a happy harvest festival.

The sun & rain said we're always on your side.

Hello, Thank you for watching! This is mivjm :) I’m gonna talk about this improvised world. If you want to concentrate only on music or video, please turn off subtitles. So let's start with the title and theme. “風待月 (Original title)” refers to June and is read as “Kazemachizuki”. And the main theme of the 4th song is “Ear of rice”. A fresh green carpet swaying under the sun and the breeze is dancing that aim to fertile autumn. But when I set up my viewpoint on the high sky, this paddy field can be re-recognized as being modestly nurtured by the neighbored huge reclamation pond. On the surface of the paddy field, water striders and tadpoles radiate the ripples here and there, giving colorful lights to the smart body of rice ears. However, contrary to such calmness, dark gray clouds from the west sky is approaching this area slowly. The gray brings a water curtain that aims at the harvest festival. It's raining as crazy. Group of rice ears and insects seem to be waiting for their arrival ... get butterflies in the stomach ... can't sit still ... So, their discussions heated up. Scarecrows go easy on them on the edge of a ridge between rice fields. A little while after, everyone has regained its usual calmness, they sway body smoothly, then stretch backs and spread hands, so shouted continuously to the sun "Ohhhh!". The sun which has noticed the momentum stares there to irradiating the pinpoint with energy by pushing away the thin clouds that block his view. In that way, this paddy field is still guided by nature's providence, and they are steadily holding hands, binding minds together, and will be living in earnest again tomorrow.



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