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雲の峰 雲の通ひ路 雲の澪

雲居の余所に 望む紫陽花

Huge hydrangea floating in the methane sea. A transparent liquid bulb at the center makes mysterious sounds. The darkness continues deep and deep in the sea. Can we find traces of livings? Red-blue-orange-green-purple particles sparkle brilliantly and occasionally flash on the outer walls of hydrangea. A small cave spreads on the surface of the water, and the luminous phenomenon gives off dazzling energy. The rain of methane that has come down seems to be hitting something in the sky.

When I entered into the hydrangea, I could see the surroundings from the gap of the model. Therefore, taking advantage of this feature, we distorted the scenery with a transparent liquid ball placed in the center with a blue sphere flowing through the aurora from the sky. The music mixes the improvised piano performed at the Salon Concert last autumn and the improvised Volca recorded at the night ferry to Hokkaido. Rain and water sounds were recorded at Lake Tazawa.

Kumonomine Kjumonokayoiji Kumonomio

Kumoinoyosoni Nozomuajisai



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