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雲の峰雲の通ひ路雲の澪 雲居の余所に望む紫陽花 | music: nimbus (Dazzle Impromptu No.1) - mivjm | CC0

Play in STYLY (VR or PC)


About 50 hydrangea flowers in the park were shot with a smartphone and modeled with Metashape. The reason for carefully masking and reducing polygons and compressing textures is to make four balls and to operate lightly. The text is the official tutorial and STYLY magazine.

Finish the output model with Unity. I just changed the shader to an unlit shadow. Then prefabricated and uploaded, create scenes in STYLY Studio (web editor). The assets were carefully selected so that the hydrangea and music emerged impressively.

Production time was decided to be up to 24 hours in total, and we worked only on a half-day immediately after the STYLY photogrammetry workshop that participated in 6/16 and the day before the award deadline. In the future, we will continue to expand the production so that anyone can easily enjoy it, again and again, looking at the final form in the brain.

Note: Viewing with VR goggles or PC browser is recommended. You can view 360 ° images only on smartphones and tablets








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