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Venus appeared in the dusk sung a melody “I found the first star...”.

Then she plays chords impressed by the sky that gradate between orange and indigo.

Hello, Thank you for watching! This is mivjm :) I’m gonna talk about this improvised world. If you want to concentrate only on music or video, please turn off subtitles. So let's start with the title and theme. “寝覚月 (Original title)” refers to September and is read as “Nezamezuki”. And the main theme of the 2nd song is “The first star”. Venus appeared in the dusk sung a melody “I found the first star...”. Tonight is still so far away. And it seems that only this clear sky gradate between orange and indigo is all about the world. Her silky voice that echoing here and there gently wraped me up like the orange veil. Then some bell crickets began to sing the song “ting-a-ling”. The faint waves of leaves and even the warm winds that blows up from the bottom of the valley were amazed by the mysterious Venus fascinating. The moon is gradually shining in this clear sky, is illuminating our living tonight again above the cirrus clouds that bell crickets draw over and over. "Mya" came from somewhere in this daytime and took shelter under my tarp. Did you slept already fallen asleep? Because You're a friendly, perhaps jumped onto the bed of an uncle who lives in a mountain hut. " Guru Guru... Momi Momi... As it is... Suya Suya..." I guess You dropped the chin and are traveling in your dream.



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