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  • Any scenes of the four seasons with improvised piano


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    December 23, 2019 · Creative Notes
    December 23, 2019 · Creative Notes
    October 14, 2019 · Creative Notes
    October 1, 2019 · Creative Notes

    Impromptu Piano

    His playing has only freshness feelings each time with No score, No plan, No practice, No model. Just play naturally as if walking... That’s all. Each rich sound, which penetrate a core without stiffness. It sounds like pure water, which drops from a leave wrapped with morning dew. It comfortably sounds as if fairly moisten a thirsty throat. It is surprising that he says that he has just started regeneration of the base of his music creation.




    He was born in Kitakyushu in 1975, real-name is Masashi Motokado. After dropped out "Aplication performance department" in Kunitachi college of music, he experienced Music production studio "abrir", "Human life IT development center" in Kyushu institute of technology, and Interactive solution company "SHIKUMI DESIGN", where he engaged in work of compose and arrangement. Since 2013, he is a freelance musician. His favorites are to swim, to eat, to walk, and to sleep. His elusive life and music have been mostly published on Twitter.




    Love the Earth


    Nature observations and hall recordings are ongoing to release the sequel "Winter" and "Spring" to the previous albums. Pandemic, asteroid, and humanity. Love the earth?


    Nature scketchs


    First day of June. The project “mivjm” hit a turning point and plunged into a new dimension. Every month, two nights are spent at the campsite in the forest to collect scenes and experiences. On the morning of the third day, I recorded 5 impromptus at a nearby hall. So that was released as the albums “Summer” and “Autumn”.


    Focus on Chamber Musics


    Outstanding activities was limited to three months in autumn to protect funds. In winter, spring and summer, made efforts to transcript and swim aimed to strengthen the sense of music and spirit. Recorded & Live streamed the acquired solo piano improvisation 2 hours for 5 days. Then released the album "SEVEN" that included several chamber musics.


    Believe in Santa Claus


    Performed several outdoor live streams to improvise for the view and feeling on the spot. Began transcription for chamber music ensembles such as string quartets to expand musicality. Then the album "MARIA" was released that included Christmas improvisations.


    Dive into Improvise


    Repeated studio live streaming to get the important things as solo pianist. One day, recorded improvisations 2hours each in the am and pm, and it was live streamed to share. Then 2 weeks later, I released the album "NATURAL".


    Love Songs


    Temporarily rest my activities and devoted myself to working with singer Naomi. I produced several songs with the theme of love for the first time. After single releases was repeated, that became fruition as the album "Kokoro-bana" in the autumn of 2017.


    Variable Test Cases


    Conducted numerous events using mashuped pop songs lively in various places in Tokyo. Employed multiple singers as appropriate and tried to optimize the stage and continue surprises. And, I also studied in sessions and open mics with a focus on band development.


    Reborn to Mashup


    Opened few fan art mashup DJ works for a major idol group (eliminated self-indulgence due to various circumstances). One day, after tried the piano in the musical instrument store, moved to Tokyo suddenly carrying only a wallet and a mobile phone on the Shinkansen after 10 years. Then retired from a professional composer and became an independent musician.


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